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Welcome Home

Canada is our last stop. A big thank you to Anissa and HP for our wonderful last week. It was excellent to have this time without further travelling.

Our first day in Toronto.

Patty or Party King???

Crazy guys!

Ralf and canadian art.

The CN-Tower.

we were lucky...

to have wonderful weather ....

... during our sailing trip.

The skyline of Toronto.

We admired HP for his view out of his office.

Anissa´s belly (Whayne)...

... and the (beer-)tummies of the guys.

HP and Ralf tested ...

... an new thing of transportation.

We went out...

searching a cache....

... and we finally found it!

One of the tallest building in the world. 

In the summer Toronto is a good city to life (the winter is dammed cold there!).

Jens, we found another good magarita!

Our last trip was to the Niagara Falls

It is a must see.

Here You can stand at the border between Canada and USA.

The city Niagara on the Lake is a good place ...

... for good winetasting....

.... romantic evening....

... and romantica breakfirst.

We were glad to have HP´s racingcar.

Our last evening ....

we spend in an altitude of 450 m...

with a gorgious sunset....

.... watching a baseball game...

and having a good dinner in the CN-Tower.

Now it is time to say good bye...

... just a last icecream...

... and a last drink with some exceptionel friends!!! We will  miss You in Düsseldorf..

Our last flight back to Germany