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After we installed our basecamp in Bangkok, there was a lot more to see in Thailand. Starting with Ko Samet. This is a little island two hundred kilometers away from Bangkok in the Golf of Thailand.

Bella having fun..

nice resorts at the beach.

Chill out at the beach

Back to Bangkok and exploring the reclining Buddha at WAT PHO.

After our flight to Chiang Mai one of the oldest wats in Thailand, WAT Chedi Luang

Ralf has a new friend in the Amari Rincome Hotel, where we enjoyed a good cocktail.

Preparation for the Thai cooking course.

after work we had the best food in Thailand. (Smile)


First trekking tour in the jungle of Chiang Mai.

after a long walk, this was a good place for swimming.

our five star hotel in the jungle

excellent barbecue

first experience with realiable bridges.

Bella and our guide Mr. Moon.

Start driving back to Bangkok. First wat Doi Suthep, one of the north's most sacred temples, with a great view over Chiang Mai.

Next day we arrived in Sukhothai. This is one of the ruins of the Sukhothai historical park.

The area was so huge, that we needed a bike to explore.

on of the biggest Buddha in Thailand. Look how smal Bella is.

it is fun here to relax.

Ayuthaya is one of the other old kingdom towns of Siam.

again realy amazing

the only car Bella drove in Thailand. Always left side.

Back to Bangkok. We enjoyed a perfect dinner with Holly and Peter.

Thank you for your beautiful surprise, Holly and Peter!!!!!