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Viva Mexico!

Catedral Metropolitan at the Zocalo, the heart of Mexico City

The old beatle is still running here

old colonial buildings

The huge entrance of the catedral

You are never alone in Mexico City

Temple Mayor, the Aztec belief this was, literally, the center of the universe 

The National Museum  of Anthropology

A sacrificial altar

The Basilica de Guadalupe

Teotihuacan is 50 km northeast of Mexico City

It is still unclear who built this ancient city with the huge Piramide del Sol

View from the Piramide de la Luna

Centuries after its fall, Teotihuacan remined a pilgimage site for Aztec royalty...

... who believed that all of the gods had sacrificed themselves here

Sometime You can be lucky to see a vulcano around Mexico City because it is normally really smoggy

Taxco, the old silver-minig townis one of the Mexico's most pituresque places

Puebla, the City with more than 70 churches in the historic central area alone

Cholula, here stands the widest pyramid ever built, Piramide Tepanapa. The Spanish people built a church on top

Templo de San Francisco is beautifull decorated with blue, green and yellow Talvera tiles

One of the most beautiful churchs we saw on our trip: Iglesia de Santo Domingo in Oaxaca.

a lot of gold!

We had good food in a fancy restaurant

Monte Alban, the ancien Zapotec capital...

... stands on a flattened hilltop 400 m above the valley floor of Oaxaca.

It is one of the moste impressive ancient sites to be found in Mexico.

El Arbol del Tule, a tree which is cleimed to be the biggest single biomass in the world.

The tree is officially reckoned to be between 2000 and 3000 years old.

San Crisobal de las Casas

the daily craftmarket around Santo Domingo...

The Templo of Santo Domigo is one of the most beautifull in San Chrisobal, especially when its pink facade catches the late-afternoon sun.

The Palenque Ruins are made up of some 500 buildings spread over 15 sq km, but only relatively few have been excavated.

Opening time is a good time to visit it when the morning mist still be wrapping the temples in a picturesque haze.

Everything you see here was built without metal tools, pack animals or the wheel.

About 20km south of Palenque, the spectacular waterfall of Misol/Ha cascades 35m into a wonderful wide pool surrounded by a lush tropical vegataion...

... and nice pets.

We had a good "Salsa-evening" in Merida. Gruetzi in die Schweiz!!!

Uxmal is one of the most harmonious and peaceful Mayan archaelogical sites.

The tall temple Casa del Advino (the Magician's House) was built on an oval base.

Facinating, well preseved structures made of pink/hued limestone....

   covers the wide area ...

   in the middle of a dschungle

After Uxmal, Kabah was the most improtant city in this region.

One of the few threedimensional human figures you see at a Mavan site (not Ralf!)

   We loved our old VW Beetle.

   Chichen Itza, the most famous and best restored of the Yucatan Peinsula's Mayan sites

   El Castillo is now the only stuctur at this site ....

... you are allowed to climb or enter.

So if you go there...

... take care of the snakes!

Our last day we spend ourer day at carebbean beaches in Cancun (without sun)