Around the World
New Zealand
South Sea
LA and National Parks
SanFransisco to Seattle
Welcome Home

The first time for Isabel in the USA and with a direct start  in Hollywood...

... on the way to the studios...

Thank You so much, Manfred, for this fantasic saturday evening...

A must for Ralf, the six flag park...

... he tried to get every crazy ride...

... and there were a lot of roller coaster!!!

We spend some time in Santa Monica.

Before we started our journey through the National Parks, we made a short stop in Palms Springs.

A Joshua Tree...

... in the Joshua Tree National Park.

The famous Route 66

The Grand Canyon is more than pictures can tell...

We were so lucky to see the Canyon by helicopter...

It is a great feeling to fly over the Canyon...

... the views are astonishing...

The Colorado River ...

... which eroded this beautiful landscape.

The blue little Colorado River.

We had really fun.

A cute Coyote.

The Monument Valley provides perhaps the most enduring and definitive images of the American West (only Ralf does not provide the image of America)

It is really worth to visit.

The Natural Bridges National Monument.

.. fly like an eagle...

Snow on a summit.

At Bryce Canyon National Park, erosion has shaped colorful Claron limestones, sandstones, and mudstones...

... into thousands of spires, fins, pinnacles, and mazes.

We did not count them!!!

The Zion National Park. Zion is an ancient Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge or sanctuary. . .

The unique geography and the variety of life zones within the park make Zion significant as a place of unusual plant and animal diversity.

Zion is located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Mojave Desert provinces.

This is not Venice ...

... this is the playground of America: Las Vegas.

Even if You think You are in New York, You are not.

We did not win at all, so we have to come back!!! 

Death Valley is a land of extremes. It is one of the hottest places on the surface of the Earth with summer temperatures averaging well over 38 degrees Celsius.

It encom-passes the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 85.5 meters below the level of the sea, ...

...and it is the driest place in North America with an average rainfall of only 4.9 cm a year.

After the desert we visited the Ancient Brislecone Pine Park.

These Pine trees are over 4000 years old. They are the oldest living thing on earth.

We wanted to pass the Tioga Raod to reach the Yosemite National Park. But the road was closed (because of the snow in June!). So we took the Sonora Pass ...

... also with a lot of snow!

Highlights of the park include Yosemite Valley, and its high cliffs and waterfalls.

There are spectacular view of Yosemite Valley...

... with..

.. or without Ralf from the glacier point.

The Kings Canyon

is next to the...

the Sequoia National Park. This Park ist  home to The Huge Giant Trees.(Can You find Ralf?)  

Bella felt so small!!!