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Brisbane to Cairns
Australia, Part II
New Zealand
South Sea
Welcome Home

Back in a real town again: Melbourne!

We spend beautiful hours in the Royal Botanic Garden (a must see!)

Melbourne is the town in Australia for shopping, eating and drinking.

View from the Southgate.

Back to nature.

a classical surfer beach

The Great Ocean Road

We found interesting places to stay, for example an old tram from Melbourne)


The popular 12 Apostel (but you can not see them all)

The famous "London-Bridge" (and Ralf)

Ralf in action...

Finally we found a wild Koala...

They are so cute !!!

This is the spectacular view over the Grampians.

We spend one day in Glenely, near Adelaide ...

... with a romantic sunset.

After we drove hours through the desert we arrived at Uluru (Ayers Rock).

We also visited the Olgas ...

and made a beautyful walk, but ...

with thousands of flies.

It is really an impressive rock.

Kings Canyon

Water in the desert (and still these flies!!!)

Katherine Gorge

This is a natural pool in the Kakadu National Park with ...

... a perfect view while swimming.

Ralf seems so small beside a termite hill

In the park You can see an amazing fauna and ...

flora ...

especially in the evening.

Art of Aboriginals

One of our neighbours at night.

Back to the civilisation: Sydney.

You can climb the Sydney Habour Bridge, if You like (We didn't!)

They make really good music beside ...

... the popular Opera of Sydney.

Sydney has a lot of good beaches, here for example the Bondi Beach.