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Welcome Home

First trek in the Abel Tasman National Park

... again,  astonish views ..

This sign shows us the reality: far, far away from home

The power of nature is everywhere in New Zealand

Danger seeker Bella in front of the Franz Josef Glacier

Glacier-Ralf in front of the Fox Glacier

Ralf prepairing for his first Bungy Jump...

... in the end, just watching (the first bungy-jump-bridge of AJ Hackett in Queenstown)

Milford Sound, like an other place on earth...

water ...

... and waterfalls everywhere

This is a Kea, a mountain parrot, the symbol of our camper-company

Bella and the summit

Henry has a creek here !!!

The only castle in New Zealand:  Lanach casle.

The bird with the biggest wing span in the world, the Royal Albatros,

Seals are so cute!

And we were  so close, that we allmost could touch them.

Hard to see, the endangered yellow eye pinguin 

In between a romantic evening

today we do some sport ...

Bella was afraid of the sharks!

Reaching Mount Cook, the highest Mountain of New Zealand.

Fantastic treks...

... beside the camping grounds

Prepare for horse riding

Ralf and his new girlfriend "Angel" ...

We were lucky to see some Sperm whales (Pottwale) ... They are so huge and wonderful to watch.

You can watch them in this beutyful surrounding at Kaikoura.